Our Business Model

Our Business Model

A Premier Martial Arts Franchise Is Simple to Own & Easy to Scale

When you think of a martial arts studio, you probably aren’t thinking of an easy-to-find location in a popular area next to coffee shops, restaurants, and supermarkets. You probably aren’t thinking of a spotless, beautiful environment that smells more like a spa than a sweaty dojo. Unless you’ve already visited a Premier Martial Arts franchise location — and there are more than 200 across the country to check out — your stereotypical assumptions would be correct.

Premier Martial Arts, however, is revolutionizing the martial arts industry. Our spaces are clean, bright, and beautiful, and they smell like fresh linen. Never inconvenient or hard to find, Premier Martial Arts studios are in high-end retail areas next to brands like Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery. Because of our insistence on high-end locations, Premier Martial Arts has developed a business model that has several competitive advantages over other martial arts concepts:

  • A small footprint of 1,200 – 1,600 square feet
  • Small staff of one or two instructors per location
  • Lower ongoing overhead
  • Contained classes to maximize space and foster community
  • Minimal to no weekend hours

The simplicity of our business model is the direct result of our founder Barry Van Over’s decades of experience in helping owners of martial arts studios increase their levels of profitability, win new customers, and achieve lasting success.

PMA Exterior

“Our model is all about simplicity. We can run the entire facility with a minimal staff, we can be super-efficient with our profit generators, and our small footprint allows us to be in the best shopping centers for a reasonable rate. Our small footprint also keeps overhead low and profit margins high. And most importantly, it’s a lower-cost investment that is easy to scale up to multi-unit locations.”

“You can find martial arts schools all across the country, but when you visit a Premier Martial Arts school, it’s immediately different than anything else in the market,” says Myles Baker, President of Premier Martial Arts. “A lot of martial arts school owners overlook the experience of the parents and the students. They’re spending quality time with us every week, and we want to make sure that they really enjoy coming here. So we ensure that our studios look and smell great. We make sure that our classes are exciting, engaging, and fun. We’re there to provide the best martial arts experience that they’re ever going to get — plain and simple.”

With an easy-to-own and operate business model, what are you waiting for? Take the first step today and reach out to our team.

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    Israeli Krav Maga

    A self-defense and fighting system that focuses on strategies for real-world self protection.

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    A combat sport that uses stand-up striking with various clinching techniques.

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    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    A martial art, combat sport, and self-defense system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting.

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    Self-protection training for the modern world that teaches how to disarm an attacker and use weapons effectively.

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    Karate teaches & builds self-discipline, confidence growth, and increased concentration and focus.

A Few Words From Current Franchise Owners

  • “I’ve been on my own in independent studios, and there’s no question that being a part of Premier Martial Arts is much better for business.”

    - Michael Reid
    Atlanta, GA
  • “The marketing support that Premier Martial Arts provides wipes out any competition from mom-and-pop studios in our area. They simply can’t keep up.”

    - Eric Arriaga
    Harlingen, TX
  • “Once I embraced the Premier Martial Arts systems, everything changed.”

    - David Pantano
    Huntington Valley, PA
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