• “Before I joined Premier Martial Arts, not having any experience in business, it was a struggle for several years to learn how to run a business. My wife was pregnant with my little boy at the time. We were broke, and I was worried about the repo man. My wife encouraged me to go and listen to what Barry said. He said, ‘You have to give our systems a chance.’ Once I embraced the Premier Martial Arts systems, everything changed. ”

    - David Pantano

    Huntington Valley, PA
  • “The marketing support that Premier Martial Arts provides wipes out any competition from mom-and-pop studios in our area. They simply can’t keep up. The executive team keeps us accountable to our goals, and they are actively invested in our financial success. We want to provide a great service to our community, which is why we got into this business in the first place. The difference that Premier Martial Arts provides is to help us earn a great living at the same time. It’s an incredible brand to be a part of, because if you implement the systems that Premier Martial Arts provides, you’re going to be successful.”

    - Eric Arriaga

    Harlingen, TX
  • “I’ve been on my own in independent studios, and there’s no question that being a part of Premier Martial Arts is much better for business. Martial arts is never thought about as a business, but it is a business, and you need to have the systems and processes in place that help you become successful. Premier Martial Arts has figured this out, which is why you don’t see Premier Martial Arts going out of business. They have developed the marketing infrastructure, the ongoing support, and the revenue streams that you need to become successful.”

    - Michael Reid

    Atlanta, GA
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