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Why a Martial Arts Franchise Will Stand the Test of Time

To become the fastest growing Martial Arts franchise in the country, we’ve had to work hard to not only to share the message of our brand but to share the mission of Martial Arts training. Though the ancient discipline is not a new concept, the interest in Martial Arts is at an all-time high, and business owners are turning to Premier Martial Arts to help them capitalize. The popularity of Martial Arts studios are expected to grow 3.9% this year, so Premier Martial Arts is giving potential franchisees the ability to join a booming industry at the ground level with all the resources you might need and more. Here’s how:  

Timeless Practice with a continued upward trajectory  

For centuries, people have turned to Martial Arts to learn self-defense, dedication, and mindfulness. But for a concept that’s been around for thousands, it seems like it would be a dying art. Nope. Martial Arts has steadily been growing in popularity for decades with things like action movies, superhero shows, and MMA helping inspire new generations. According to IBISWorld, its predicted for the industry to grow by nearly 4% in 2022. Thankfully, Premier Martial Arts offers a variety of Martial Arts styles to keep up with demand.  

Teaches kids necessary lifelong skills 

Parents everywhere are turning to Premier Martial Arts to teach their kids the lessons they’ll need to grow into even stronger, more confident, and respectful kids. In an article titled, “What are the Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids,” Livestrong reports that “Martial arts practitioners strive for harmony, but also learn effective and often devastating self-defense techniques.” Premier Martial Arts helps kids establish goals and helps them along the way as they strive to attain them while also teaching them the value of hard work and discipline. This helps kids grow into even greater adults with higher levels of self-confidence, respect, and disciple!  

Easy Franchise Model 

Unlike traditional Martial Arts studios, Premier Martial Arts is revolutionizing the industry with top-of-the-line equipment in high-end retail areas. While mom might go grab a coffee or crush her grocery list, her child can be next door learning how to become empowered and strong. Premier Martial Arts have developed a business model that has several competitive advantages over other martial arts concepts: 

  • Small footprint of 1,200 – 1,600 square feet 

  • Small staff of one or two instructors per location 

  • Lower ongoing overhead 

  • Contained classes to maximize space and foster community 

  • Minimal to no weekend hours 

“Our model is all about simplicity. We can run the entire facility with minimal staff, we can be super-efficient with our profit generators, and our small footprint allows us to be in the best shopping centers for a reasonable rate. Our small footprint also keeps overhead low and profit margins high. And most importantly, it’s a low-cost investment that is easy to scale up to multi-unit locations,” says our Founder, Barry Van Over.  

Martial Arts is a practice that’s not going anywhere, and Premier Martial Arts is following suit. Invest in a franchise that will endure and persevere, just like our students do. Contact us today to get started.  

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