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With Martial Arts making its way to the mainstream in a big way, millions of people are searching for studios that can provide them with the best quality instruction, guidance, and support. This is where Premier Martial Arts steps in and creates an invaluable opportunity for investors. “Premier Martial Arts is one of the only brands in martial arts that recognizes martial arts is a business,” says Barry Van Over, Founder Premier Martial Arts. “The wide majority of independent martial arts studios struggle to stay open because they do not have the skills needed to run a profitable business. We have organized Premier Martial Arts so it is profitable and sustainable for our franchisees, as well as being affordable and life-changing for our customers.”  

Here are three ways that Premier Martial Arts is supporting its franchisees: 

Simple, easy-to-follow business model 

Traditionally, martial art studios are opened and managed by an enterprising martial arts instructor who seeks to share their knowledge of martial arts. However, the business side of things falls to a lower level of strength, including marketing, customer service, customer retention, and the ability to sell. With our unique business model, we don’t require franchisees to have martial arts experience at all.  

Our business model is designed to place the day-to-day responsibilities of operating the studio on a well-trained, highly competent instructor who is given intensive training. The instructor is assigned a list of duties to fulfill throughout the day to benefit the franchise owner who is focused on working on the business, not necessarily in it. 

Premier Martial Arts has developed a business model that has several competitive advantages over other martial arts concepts:​ 

  • Small footprint of 1,200 – 1,600 square feet​ 

  • Small staff of one or two instructors per location​ 

  • Lower ongoing overhead​ 

  • Contained classes to maximize space and foster community​ 

  • Minimal to no weekend hours​ 


With over 200 Premier Martial Art locations (and counting), we make sure that our easy-to-follow business model is properly followed and executed with thorough and consistent training. Franchisees have access to training on nearly every aspect of their studio.  

  • Business Training – After all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, the keys are handed to the franchisee and it’s off to the races. But before that happens, we make sure our franchisees have all the know-how they need to handle the daily operations.  

  • Curriculum Training – Premier Martial Arts is more than just a martial arts studio. It’s a place where parents entrust us to help empower their children and give them the skills they need to thrive. We’ve curated a specific curriculum that is taught to franchisees to pass to their teams that will not only helps students grow physically through martial arts, but mentally with lessons that focus on building confidence, learning disciple, and developing positive self-esteem. “Parents are sending their kids to us in record numbers,” says one of our franchisees. “We evaluate our students individually with their parents so that we can put their children in the program that best addresses their immediate concerns.” By teaching our franchisees how the curriculum works, they can ensure students are on the right path. 

  • Instructor training​ – Having high standards is never a bad thing. For our franchisees, we make sure they have every tool they need to make sure their studios are staffed with the best instructors and team possible.  


We didn’t grow to over 200 locations across the US overnight. With diligent marketing, we’ve been able to help franchise owners get their location out there by providing them with cohesive and attention-grabbing materials that can only assist in growing their studio’s reach.  

Premier Martial Arts takes care of its franchisees, no matter the issue. Find more information on how you can join our team at 

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